lumber room

The lumber room will re-open this Spring with an exhibition of our permanent collection. This exhibit will examine how the lumber room functions both as a home for a collection and for the collector and her family. The exhibition, Finding Our Way, showcases the collection as a point of entry for understanding the person who built it, Sarah Miller Meigs, and the artists and ideas she supports. Over the past 10 years the lumber room has placed itself as a meeting ground between exhibition space and private residence, with a goal of creating access and community around a shared interest in the arts. This exhibition aims to highlight the idea of the lumber room as a place in-between roles; a site that strives for both domestic comfort and discourse around contemporary art.

With an intention of allowing conversations to happen organically between the artworks, this exhibit will experiment with informal modes of display and a regular rotation of work being moved in and throughout the space.

In addition to the art on display, Finding Our Way will also include a contemporary film program with visiting works from both regional and international new media artists. Throughout the year we will continue to invite you back for a series of performances, workshops and readings.

In these gestures, we hope to be a site of comfort, a site of contemplation, a site where one might feel at home.

Our film program begins with a mini-documentary titled Échale Sávila, 2019 (12 min.) by Los Angeles based filmmaker Caitlin Díaz. Guided by the music project Sávila, the film finds the band interviewing their mothers as they speak on themes of Mexican-American identity, resilience, inter-generational healing, and beauty shot through the lens of a super-8 camera.

Sonia Gomes, Untitled, from Raiz series, 2018
, mooring and sewing on wood
installation view: Sheree Hovsepian, Role Play, 2019
, silver gelatin prints, photograms, nylon, artist made frame, walnut, Optium museum acrylic
; Sally Saul,Flower, 2016
, clay and glaze

Martha Jungwirth, Untitled, 1986 - 87
, oil on mounted cardboard mounted on canvas
Oana Stanciu, !EU (!ME) 5, 2013
, giclée print
Anna Maria Maiolino, Por um fio (By a Thread), from Fotopoemacao (photopoemaction) series, 1976/2006
, black and white digital photograph
LaToya Ruby Frazier, Momme, 2008
, gelatin silver print
Ann Cathrin Novemer Høibo, XL, 2019
, handwoven wool, cotton, nylon, tulle, silk, acrylic pole
installation view: Phyllida Barlow, untitled: roadsidehoarding; 2017-2018, 2018, cement, PVA, paint, plaster, plywood, sand, steel, timber
; Mary Obering
Window Series #2, 1973, acrylic on canvas